The Wine Estate Stock Exchange for the lovers of wine (Oenophilia)

Market Status:

All trades in companies listed on GXG Markets are placed via broker members who are authorised and regulated stockbrokers or banks.

GXG broker members have direct market access to the GXG Markets electronic trading platform (Tellus) that feeds through the share prices to this site and Bloomberg’s professional terminals, website and smartphone apps.

Trading facilities
This website includes comprehensive trading facilities, including: 

  • The market screen on the Share Prices page displays the last traded price and the best buy and sell (bid and ask) price currently available for each security.
  • Investors wishing to find out additional trading information are able to access order book information on each stock by going to the Share Prices page and clicking on the company name or ticker.
  • Each company profile page provides investors with the current best three bid and ask prices placed in the market, along with the volume of shares being sold or available to be purchased at that price.

You can instruct your broker to match a specific order, ask them to put up a bid, or ask that the bid is held on the system for a specific period until matched. Click here for a full list of broker members.  

Trading Hours
GXG Markets open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm Central European Time (CET). For a full list of days the market is closed on click here.  

Clearing and Settlements
Trades in companies quoted on the VSX Official List or markets are then cleared and settled via Crest/Clearstream/Euroclear as they would be on any other European exchange.

Companies on VSX Wine Estate Trading Quotes and List should have their traded securities dematerialised prior to being traded. However, some may not be Crest/Clearstream/Euorclear registered for settlement, and in these cases they will be settled via residual settlement between brokers. Any such securities quoted on the market are annotated with Residual settlement on the Share Prices page.