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Wine estates looking to join VSX Markets will need to appoint a suitable advisor to assist them in the application process to join the wine estate stock market. 

Only approved marketing members can introduce wine estates to VSX Markets

VSX has two different levels of advisors:

  • VSX Marketing Partners
  • VSX Corporate Advisors

Both types of advisors can introduce wine estates to VSX Stock Markets

1. Introducing Partners for VSX Stock Markets
Below is a summary of the requirements for becoming an Introducing and marketing Partner.

The Introducing Partners should be able to demonstrate suitable experience in company formations, corporate structuring and market listings. They are responsible for ensuring that wine estates applying to join the market are suitable to be traded on VSX Stock Markets, and that they have: 

  • Correctly completed the application forms
  • Supplied VSX Stock Market with all the information requested in the relevant VSX Market Application Pack

2. Corporate Advisors for VSX Stock Markets, VSX and VSX Official List

Below is a summary of the requirements for becoming a Corporate Advisor. 

In addition to the requirements for Introducing and Marketing Partners, VSX Corporate Advisors should additionally be able to demonstrate experience in providing client advice in relation to:

  • Ongoing obligations to meeting market rules.
  • Ongoing corporate governance.
  • Announcements to the Market.

Download the guidelines for corporate advisors here.

Note: In addition to the above requirements, to join as either type of a VSX Stock Market Advisor your wine estate may need to be suitably authorised and regulated by the financial services authority of the country in which you are operating.

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