The Wine Estate Stock Exchange for the lovers of wine (Oenophilia)

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Market Solutions
The Vinoxchange market solutions have been specifically designed for the wine lover and investor  looking to gain access to secure property investments such as  wine estates. 
A Two-Tier Market Solution
At VinoXchange we have built the trading platform to offer a two tier investment solution to enable the investor to invest in the property and business of the wine estate. Alternatively, our exchange allows the investor invest and trade in the Mini Wine Bonds which may be linked to a listed wine estate or which  may be listed independently by a unlisted wine estate. VSX Markets therefore provides a two-tier market solution, allowing both investors and the actual wine estate   to choose a market best suited to their needs:

•       VSX Estate Quote:  For Wine Estates and investors wishing to invest in the property
•       VSX Mini Bond  Quote: For growth wine estates looking for a public quote           

A Simple, Transparent Solution
Shares are traded directly through VSX's electronic trading platform, in real time, without the requirement for prices to be set by market makers. This provides the market with greater transparency and faster transaction reporting, and eliminates the spread between the price a buyer pays and the price a seller receives.
For investors and existing shareholders, this website provides details of the order book for each wine security on the market, showing the available share prices and volumes at which buyers and sellers can transact.  
Appropriate Market Rules
VSX Markets has established appropriate rule books for both of the markets it operates. The rule books are designed to protect the integrity of the market and to provide a more transparent environment for the trading of wine securities.
Additionally VSX has established rules that prohibit brokers from placing any offer to sell securities on the trading system, whether under instruction from a client or as a principal position where that member does not hold sufficient levels of the security in a custodian account in the name of the seller




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